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Membership Process

Any person interested in becoming a member of CMA shall submit a completed application to the General Secretary and Treasurer. Each applicant will, through their life and reputation, demonstrate a genuine call to ministry, and live a life set apart to this end. They will maintain a standard of Biblical leadership, in their life and conversation. Each application shall be considered by the Executive Board and either approved, disapproved, or tabled for further study.

Each applicant shall give clear evidence of their new birth in Christ, live a consistent Christian life, and be an active member, in good standing, of a local Church. Applicants should further support their local Church financially and subscribe to the Tenets of Faith as defined by these Bylaws.


Reinstatement will be considered with a written request delivered to the General Secretary and Treasurer along with two letters of affirmation signed by two members of CMA who are in good standing. The Executive Board will then review the request and vote. Reinstatement requires a vote of affirmation by two-thirds (2/3) of the members of the Executive Board.

Transfer of Membership

Membership in CMA is not transferable nor assignable.